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MediTrackGPS® 4G Devices

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MediTrackGPS® Roamer™ 3G/4G LTE Personal GPS Tracker
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MediTrackGPS® Sightseer™ 3G/4G LTE Personal GPS Tracker
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MediTrackGPS® Wanderer™ 3G/4G LTE Personal GPS Tracker
Latest technology at your fingertips
How it Works

The MediTrackGPS® 4G LTE Wanderer™ and Traveller™ Personal GPS Tracker monitor the wearers movement and location.

It can be used to alert family, friends, carers or emergency services by providing a SMS link to google maps when the SOS button is activated.

The SOS and fall alerts activated by the MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Tracker are sent to your programmed emergency contacts advising them of the time and GPS location of the emergency.

The MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Tracker uses GPS satellites to pinpoint your precise location and movement.

Up to 10 Emergency Contacts
Two-way Voice Communication

Using 4G LTE mobile voice, WiFi, SMS, location data and the latest in GPS motion and positioning technology.

The MediTrackGPS® Traveller™ Personal GPS Trackers provide a highly reliable monitoring device in case of an emergency.

Providing the wearer with Two-way voice and SMS communication, pinpoint location, reception indoors and outdoors, hiking or vehicle movement and numerous points of contact in the case of a emergency.  

The Wanderer™ can call up to 5 emergency contacts with the press of the SOS button.

The Traveller™ can call up to 10 emergency contacts with the press of the SOS button.

Freedom for Seniors
Fall Detection

The MediTrackGPS® Wanderer™ and Traveller™ has a inbuilt fall detection sensor for the Elderly and people living with a Disability like Epilepsy.

When this setting has been enabled, if your loved one happens to have a fall, the device will send a help me message to all programmed emergency contacts.

Then it will start to call the programmed emergency contacts until someone answers.

If the device is accidentally dropped, you can press the SOS button to cancel the call sequence. 

Low Cost Prepaid Service with ALDImobile
PAYG 365 Day Credit Expiry with ALDIsim

Our MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Trackers are pre-fitted with a SIM card of your choice which connects to the 4G LTE mobile network to send location and SOS alerts.

The MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Trackers use a prepaid sim card also known as pay-as-you-go SIM cards (PAYG), to send SOS texts, phone calls and location messages to the registered SOS contacts.

With normal usage $15 or $30 per year should provide sufficient credit for 12 months. Each SMS sent by the MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Trackers is $0.12 and a SOS call is $0.12 minute. There is no credit cost if one of your emergency contacts calls your MediTrackGPS® Personal GPS Trackers. 

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