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The latest in MediTrackGPS® Trackers available in Australia


MediTrackGPS® is proudly Australian owned and supply the latest 3G WCDMA GPS Trackers for Children, the Elderly and the Disabled with 98% coverage across Australia.

Free lifetime subscription to our online App.

Two way communication and Fall Detection notifications via SMS/Call

MediTrackGPS® use Australia Post for all deliveries with tracking at Auspost.

Our website is only new but we have been selling our MediTrackGPS™ devices on eBay and offline with a big success in Australia and due to popularity we have opened up our online store.

MediTrackGPS® will soon have a wide range of GPS trackers available to suit all your needs from Motorbike GPS trackers to Vehicle GPS trackers to Pet GPS trackers.

So be sure to bookmark our business and tell your friends and family about MediTrackGPS®